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Hi! I’m Ellan, the inventor and founder of jyl’s no show socks. 

I’d like to quickly share with you how I came up with this product – if you’ve tried no-show socks products over the years like I have, I’m sure you can relate!

I was in the grocery store one day and as I was walking down the aisle… I could feel my sock start to slip under my foot. Ugh, what a pain! Imagine, I then stood there hanging onto the cart for a couple minutes, trying to balance and take my shoe off to slip my sock back on. Finally – success! I was able to put my foot back down, and followed that with hand sanitizer because well, floor, shoes, feet – you get the idea.

But THEN, only a few minutes later… the same thing happened.

This has been an unfortunate issue I’ve dealt with for a long while, whether it’s just out shopping or heading to meet with important clients for work. It’s always nerve wracking and especially seems to happen in the worst of moments.

I have continually purchased more and more no-show socks, looking for the fix, but they still never stayed on. They also always seem to show, forcing me to always bend over yet again to tuck the sides into my shoe, only for them to make a reappearance again later.

But ohhh this day… I finally had enough. I went home and made it crafting hour. I cut all kinds of socks apart, and that’s when I finally came up with my idea, and the product that you see here before you.

I believe once you try Jyl’s No Show Socks, these will be the only no-show socks you will ever want to buy. With my gel logo on the bottom, gel around the edge of the socks, and hook and loop on the heel of the sock to attach to the back heel inside the shoe, there is no way these socks are coming off!

The best part? Jyl’s No Show Socks can be worn with all types of shoes: pumps, ballet flats, low-cut slip-on, etc. So whether you’re tackling business, getting fancy at a family’s wedding, or just simply trying to comfortable grocery shop like I was – these socks won’t let you down.

I hope you will give Jyl’s No Show Socks a try, and I look forward to your feedback.

With Gratitude,
Ellan Hubbard

Meet the Family Team

Ellan JYL Hubbard

Founder, Inventor, Mother, Wife

I’ve been in the marketing field for over 30 years, with a business background. Besides creating my socks and marketing, in my free time, you will find me on the tennis courts, spending time with family and practicing yoga. I’m super excited and looking forward to working with my family on my new adventure and meeting all of you through Jyl’s! Fun fact: you may be asking, why the name Jyl’s? Jyl is my middle name, and where my company name is created from!

David Hubbard

Operations + Finance, Father, Husband

I am SO excited to be involved in Ellan “Jyl” Hubbard’s dream.  With my background in finance coupled with having owned my own business, I hope, will contribute to her success in providing a product she is so compassionate about.  Her devotion to getting to this point has been inspirational for me. COVID, manufacturers saying NO CAN DO, and changes in design have all been obstacles – but not for Ellan! Enjoy this well-thought compassionate quality product. 

Katrina Hubbard

Marketing Manager, Daughter

Coming with over 15 years experience in digital marketing and 6 years experience running her own creative agency, Katrina is excited to be a part of kicking off her mother’s dream, and really helping to bring it to fruition. In her own time, you’ll find her gaming or prowling seaside restaurants for the perfect plate of nachos.

TREVOR Hubbard

Engineering Support, Son

Working in the semiconductor industry since 2011 as an electrical computer engineer, Trevor brings along engineering and moral support to the family business.



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