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Jyl’s No Show Socks

(6 customer reviews)


  • 3 Pairs
  • One Size Fits Most
  • No-Show, No-Slip, No-Stink Design




simple + low cut, no sides, with hook and loop back attachment


gel sole, edging + back attachment making it impossible for the sock to slip


cotton and nylon to keep your feet dry, comfortable + stink free


  1. Carefully separate attachment on back heel of sock.
  2. Peel off paper from the loop side and place inside back heel of shoe where both sides would line up for the attachment to meet. IMPORTANT:  Wait 24 hours to dry.
  3. Put socks on and place foot in shoe.  Press back part of shoe to make sure attachment meets. Even if only part of the attachment hooks, they will stay in place and not slip under foot.
  4. When taking off, take foot out of sock while in shoe.
  5. Carefully detach attachment (hook and loop).

Hand wash or place in laundry mesh bag, cold water only on gentle cycle. It is best to turn socks inside out while washing, not to get caught on anything. Place flat to dry.

6 reviews for Jyl’s No Show Socks

  1. Jan Anderson (verified owner)

    These were perfect! I ordered these a while ago, but being retired, I don’t wear shoes other than sneakers or sandals as a rule. But my son got married and I had a long dress and nice dancing shoes. The thought of wearing pantyhose for hours when I never wear them anymore wasn’t enticing. But I had my Jyl’s no shows and they were amazing! I wore the shoes with the socks and danced comfortably all night! It was like the socks were part of the shoes. They stayed in place and didn’t show when my feet were exposed. I may never shimmy into pantyhose again!

  2. Daria

    Wore my first pair to work, and have to say I love them! They stayed in place all day! Would highly recommend!

  3. Lauren (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE these socks. Living in NYC I am constantly walking around. I’d always have to frequently stop to fix my socks but no longer need to do that with Jyl’s. Highly recommend!

  4. Lynn (verified owner)

    I now have my first set of Jyl’s No Show Socks. Yea! I have three pairs of flats that I wear all the time. I have been wearing Jyl’s No Show Socks with these three pairs of flats, and the socks works perfectly! They do not slip under the heel, which happens with all other socks claiming to be “no-show,” and they stay put around the toes all day long, and they actually do not show when wearing my shoes. They deliver what they claim! Jyl’s No Show Socks add a level of comfort that I do not get when wearing my flats alone. And these socks keep the inside soles of my flats clean and sweat-free. I highly recommend them!

  5. Peter Kramer

    My wife loves them!

  6. Gloria

    I’m thrilled with my new socks! I put them in my favorite pair of flats and they stay put all day. They’re comfortable and light weight and the very low profile guarantees a no show. Unlike so many other socks the ingenious Velcro attachment and the fact that they have a grippy gel all around the outline of the sock makes for a perfect stay. I definitely would recommend these socks to all my friends.

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